Trine Wilson

Silver Linings
Champlain Shores
Pansy Dew
Lobsta Claw

With pride and respect for this beautiful state, I am a native Vermonter... with a great love of traveling!!   I am blessed to be able to visit many beautiful areas, and share with you what catches my eye along the way.   Much of what I photograph and share is right from my garden here in Westford, VT!   Whether from my garden, the trails of the Green Mountains, shores of Lake Champlain, or from my journeys and adventures... I hope an image catches your eye as it has mine.

Photography, for me, is about connection with nature, animals and most importantly,  with you!  I so appreciate your stories of why an image has captured your attention..... please share your thoughts with me.   Knowing why an image hangs in your home, why you sent a specific card, why you gifted a photo... adds depth to my work.  Thank you! Trine


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